Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Over My Dead Body - The New Flower Bed with Editorial Comments from Jennifer

Sunday was a hard day at the Baker's house. Paul and Jennifer disagreed on a planting issue, but back to the beginning. This summer I came to possess 40+ surprise lilies. These bulbs have been sitting on the counter in the garage for a couple of months. Jennifer was eager to have the counter cleaned up so I went to the backyard to dig. I was preparing the bed pictured above.

Here are about 1/2 the rocks that came from my digging of the 3 foot by 8 foot flower bed. Coming into the house Sunday sweating and dizzy from the exertion I told Jennifer of my plan. She informed me that they would not go there--something like over my dead body. (My how Paul exaggerates--there is another side to the story.) There was a little distance in my home. I went back to work digging a new bed with renewed vigor. (There was a good reason for the distance.)

Here is the new bed. Jennifer has not been seen for a few days. The lilies are in--may she rest in peace. I am hoping the new bed comes to life in the spring. I will report back in May. Thanks for listening. (And if you believe Paul's side of the story, you don't know Paul very well.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Minor

My favorite uncle, Minor Bower, just celebrated his 83rd birthday this week. He lives near Marine City on the St. Clair River. He is non-stop fun. Today's blog is to honor this special day.
We were last together at a family reunion in 2008. We fired up the cribbage board and warred it out. We even taught the younger generation to play the game. Uncle Minor was quite the ping-pong player in his day. Our Andrew is Andrew Minor in his honor. Now Andrew goes by Minor in Texas. A continuing of the name honor.

Uncle Minor also had a set of twins. Doug and Tim were nonstop trouble when they came to the farm (my home in Adrian, Michigan). We had so many great times. Big sister Janna is in the back and best of all little Bill was not born yet. Happy Birthday Uncle Minor!

The Biltmore Part 3

This is the view from the Biltmore Inn looking to the Biltmore. We took almost two days for the clouds to lift so we could see it from our room. This is beautiful country.

Most people don't know that marijuana blooms. Jennifer and Mary found this growing outside their room in North Carolina. (Don't believe everything that Paul writes.) This unusual flower was viewed in the conservatory at Biltmore. Any ideas about what it is?

This is a world class pergola. Jennifer loves covered walkways like this. She always wants one at our house...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mary and Jennifer at Biltmore

Mary ponders what it might be like to have a conservatory all her own, like the Vanderbilts did at the Biltmore in North Carolina. What would she grow?

Mary poses near one of the many fountains outside the Biltmore. Notice that the sky is still gray, but it's not raining.

Just another look at one of the many porches and patios of the Biltmore House. Did you know there are 43 bathrooms in this house -- quite progressive for a house built in 1895.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jennifer's sister, Mary and brother-in-law, Phil, came to Springfield to visit and attend a conference. Her sister then took off with Jennifer on Saturday to North Carolina for a girls' road trip.
Needless to say it rained. Their dad often said at times like this, "It rains a lot in wet weather!" The two traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to stay at the Biltmore. And really it would have been hard to have built any more than they did.
Here is the Biltmore Inn where the partying took place. Note the water spot on the lens. Rain, rain go away--come again another day...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SLS Visits Heits Point Camp Near Lincoln MO

Our 7th and 8th grades students spent three days at Heits Point. Mrs. Magnus (seventh grade teacher on the right - the smily one) and Mr. Gerdes (kindergarten teacher and avid outdoorsman) took our 26 students and enjoy the outdoor world on Lake of the Ozarks.
They did special studies and learned to work together. This event helps to build closer relationships between the two grades. This is a thumbs-up event. Weather offer both rainy and clear.
What a terrific group. We are always told how wonderful our students are, and in fact, they are a wonderful and kind group of students.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visiting Old Friends

Mark, Marsha and the twins lived in our neighborhood and knew Jennifer's dad. He loved to see the twins coming down the street on a walk or in their little cars. When we moved into Alberts house we became better acquainted. They moved to the other side of town the spring before last and we missed seeing them. Being it was football season, I took them some new balls to practice with. They each play football with a YMCA team.
We often played in their front yard when they lived close. We were able to run around in their new backyard and have some football fun. The boys were very interested in Kate's little present. A little furry creature in a little furry house...
This little girl is their newest arrival. I had never met Kate and wanted to see her before she grew up and was out of the house. Oh where does the time go?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Off To The Nature Center

Got to take the twins for a stroll at the Nature Center. We walked to the bridge to see the wildlife. We saw turtles and fish but no ducks. Here we see Pappa, Addie and Mina resting at a stop on their long trek back up the hill.
Looking over the bridge into the wonderful world of aqua culture. Should have brought some crackers even though the sign says not to feed the wildlife... Hard to stand still for the photo opportunities. Addie is always moving on to the next thing.
Baby Stella mostly sits and looks cute. She was not allowed on the hike . . . maybe next time. Stella is just starting on counting numbers and will at times hold up one tiny finger to show she is beginning to take it all in.

Lutheran Principals of Southwest MO

In this photo, the Lutheran school principals from the Ozark region are sitting at McAllister solving the problems of the world. Left to right are: Carole for Freistatt, Judy from Lockwood, Jo Ann from Prairie City, Jeremy from Joplin and Rickster from Rolla. Paul from Springfield is behind the camera.
Here guest Jennifer is explaining the opportunities of online studies at Arizona State University. I could get my doctorate in educational leadership, but then people might expect some leadership out of me. So better to let it pass me by...

Iron Men

Our church has started a new men's group called "Iron Men." Here are some pictures from our recent gathering. We had some great guy food and talked about our future as "Iron Men."
Here are Gary, Roger, PD and Len discussing the finer points of men's ministry. We will be painting the home of a less fortunate family next Saturday... Got a brush?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day

What could be more fun than Branson Landing on Labor Day Weekend? No rules, no time tables--just do whatever you want. Here we are watching the fire and water show at 7pm.
Went with friends Bill and Laura. What fun was had exploring and eating. The river was brown though. Oddist thing! Very muddy. The waitress said it was caused by lake turnover, but we thought it was more likely caused by run off from heavy rain.
We visited the EarthBound store at the Landing and looked for some new things for Jennifer. This was suggested but not purchased. Wonder why? I think that hot pink is her color.
Had dinner at the La Cantina. Great food and lots of talk. Hoped to see the fire and water show but it didn't happen at 6 pm.
Some of the show action with the water canons. Been thinking about a boat???