Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jennifer's Old Quilting Group

These wonderful couples are great friends and the ladies were all part of a quilting group formed many years ago in Belvidere. Top left are Jim and Claudia Hauch. Jim was one of Paul's early principals. Top right are Chuck and Jan Brahmsteadt. Jan taught for Paul and they have been good friends for many years. Bob and Sandy (bottom left) and Louie and Babette (bottom right) are other terrific Belvidere friends.

Darren and Jungah came over after attending a Halloween party. Darren was dressed as a "70s" style hip guy. He said he was everyone's dream date. The whole group is pictured following a night of laughing and story telling.

Halloween Hayride

What a fun night to have a bonfire. The Brahmsteadts took us to the farm for a great outdoors event. We had food over the fire and took a ride on some quiet farm paths and rural roads. It was clear and getting very cold, but also beautiful with clear starry skies and a nearly full moon. A great time was had by all. So good to see so many old friends and to meet some new ones.

Our Dear Friends the Willes

Yesterday we were able to visit with Helen and Eugene Wille. Pastor Wille was a large part of why were persuaded to move to Belvidere back in 1986. Helen and Gene have been like another set of parents for us. We talked about old times and current times and enjoyed the opportunity to "catch up." In the pictures above you see PW showing off at his computer and we loved hearing Helen talk in her Persian accent. Helen is the only aunt to tennis star Andre Agassi. We are all awaiting his new book.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Traveling to Belvidere

The great trip to Belvidere has begun. We drove in rain, sometimes heavy and near deafening in the car, all the way. Ron and Sue Heinz hosted our first night and provided a delicious supper. We enjoyed a great evening and often listened to the rhythm of the falling rain. See Ron and Sue with Yorkie, Quincy, in the lower left had corner positioned by the tallest table I have seen in awhile.

By afternoon on Friday we were visiting Immanuel where we both worked for many years. Jennifer and Elaine are pictured on the lower right. Elaine ran the church office while we were in Belvidere. Top row is Judy, a top notch Lutheran school principal her nephew. Judy, Dan the music man, and Melissa are in the upper left at the top. They are some of the remaining workers who remember working with us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Baker's Fall Yard

These pictures remind me how fast things grow. The Autumn Blaze maples started just a few years ago at about 6 feet. We planted them to our east to block the view of our sweet neighbor's house and laundry room. Oh let me tell you about the laundry room... No better not, they might stumble upon my blog... Well, anyway these two trees have done quite well and will soon block much of the view toward the house on our east.

The two tall grasses were recently purchased for Jennifer. She is landscaping the fence to our east. She is becoming quite good at digging Missouri rocks from our beds. The evergreens are also coming along nicely. These five trees will block the view of our neighbor's back yard in just a few years. This is all part of Jennifer's grand plan.

Turning 57 Birthday Fun

Last week I turned 57 years old. Was it ever a fun weekend. Many special events filled my weekend celebration. Pictured above are just a few. We went out to eat with Dan and Mary at world famous Millie's. It was terrific. Jennifer and I shared the prime rib... Earlier in the day two of my little girl friends made up special birthday cards featuring their hands. So very special...Lots of kisses came with the cards... Finished the evening attending the symphony. Dr. J and I often attend as we find those people very much like our selves except that they or for the most point 20 years older than we are... Experienced a great concert with the sounds of Louie Armstrong. (Note to Tina - If the cow flew overhead what time is it in Miami?)

Rolla Family Gathering

Top Left: Aunt Dottye hosted a wonderful get-together for the family at the clubhouse in her neighborhood.
Top Right: Uncle Ed, Jennifer's father's oldest brother.
Middle Left: Aunt Margye from Evanston, IL.
Middle Right: Aunt Erma Jean, who is married to Uncle Ed.
Bottom left: Aunt Louise, Jennifer's mother's youngest sister, holds Stella Green.
Bottom right: Uncle Bob, husband of Aunt Margye, looks festive in his autumn leaf corduroy shirt.

Top Right: Miriam Green. It took two cars and four adults, but all the Greens were able to join Paul and Jennifer at the family get-together.
Top Left: Kelly, Jennifer's cousin, and Christine, wife of Keith, Kelly's brother. Kelly lives in Jefferson City; Christine and Keith live in St. Louis. Both are busy mothers of four.
Bottom Left: Cassandra, Kelly's daughter, holds Stella. Cassandra is in nursing school at Truman State and want to specialize in women and OB. Won't she be great with kids?
Bottom Right: Keith Jacob--also Jennifer's cousin. Keith and wife, Christine, live in St. Louis. Keith is the owner and president of St. Louis Staffing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Redeemer Staff Celebrates Marty Party

The Redeemer staff gets together to socialize on the fourth Fridayof the month during the school year. Dan and Mary Magnus hosted this month's party and planned a special commemoration of Martin Luther, our founding saint. The Shaw-Moss-Baker team were tasked with taking Marty to five coded locations and returning as quickly as possible to the Magnus house. As you can see Marty got around to a tavern, a school of higher learning, Bass Pro and a Lutheran church. We were not the fastest group, but we did win the prize for our clever decifering of the coded clues. Great fun was had by all.
Mr. Gerdes was disappointed his team did not win. The Rose-Gerdes-Stouder team cut a few corners and the judges ruled they were tied for second place with the Parvey-Irwin team...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redeemer Worship Together at Remingtons

Today all Redeemer, Springfield and Nixa campuses, worshipped together at Remingtons in south Springfield. It was great to have 600+ of us all together. We talked about our stewardship and honoring the Lord. District President Ray Mirly was the guest preacher. It all went very well. I had a great time taking pictures. Here are some pictures of the family. Katrina Appelquist finally got to hold baby Stella. Stella seems to have really enjoyed it according to her big smile. Addie liked drawing on the name tags and Jazz spent lots of time on Grampa Dan's lap looking at books.

Sequoita Art Show

Today we had the opportunity to visit the art fair at Sequoita park. We went because Miriam Krone was showing her new art. We love Ms. Krone's water color grape pictures and have 5 or 6 in our kitchen. She is such a sweet lady from New Haven, MO. These are two new grape pictures we purchased...
I fell in love with this double-walled basket made by Chris Schwartz of Bittersweet Basketry. She had just finished it at the art show. In fact it was still wet. We snatched it up and it will grace the Baker house. We are planning what will be displayed within it... Any thoughts?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flowers before the First Frost

At this time of year the flower beds are really at their very best. Jennifer and I continue to work on new beds for next year. What fun to go out and get sweaty with my sweetie.

I am also working on my Photoshop skills. Miriam showed me how to put these four pictures into one picture. I am getting better every day. May change careers to graphic designer???

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twins and Stella for Pizza

The Greens came over for pizza tonight. Paul made his famous from scratch pizza and Jennifer whipped up some brownies also from scratch. Both were a great hit. Following the meal Jennifer assisted Miriam with a sewing project and Alex and I watched the girls. In a free moment Miriam, the one with a four year degree in graphic design, attempted to teach me how to put four pictures into one like she often does on her blog. Her example is up above.

The Greens went home and I attempted to "go and do thou likewise." I did not do so well. Looks like I will need some special tutorial help with my Photoshop work. Truly old dog -trouble learning new tricks. I will not give up. Check back to see my progress - I hope.