Sunday, February 28, 2010

Model Material - Sweet Stella

Stella is pictured here with dear friend Mary Magnus, the Green children's extra set of grandparents. Stella is now modeling for money. We are waiting for her big breakthrough on the cover of some national magazine. Keep working Stella!

SLS Trip To Jefferson City MO Capitol

Thomas Hart Benton painted a mural in the Missouri Capitol building. I love his work. He so well captures the spirit of hard working Missourians.
This one nearly got him in trouble as it was considered to risque for the walls of the hallowed halls of the Capitol building. Seems pretty tame by today's standards. Butt who am I to say?

Must have a group shot of the seventh graders by TJ himself. We all had a great time.

This is a memorial to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Now for your quiz. What is Lewis's first name. Clark's first name? What was the name of their faithful dog - hint, it starts with an "s". Oh - ye old salts will never get it... Shiver My Timbers....

More Babies Being Added

Mary, Jennifer's sister, and her daughter Phillis, pose at a baby shower held for Baby Parker in the Kansas City area by Tiffany Pattison.
Phillis displays a knitted baby afghan made in honor of Grandma Lois and passed along by Miriam. Sister Emily looks on.

Mary, Phillis, and Phillis' mother-in-law, Kari Parker pose for a photo.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Helpers

Where did the month go? I took a little break from the blog for a time of thought and introspection. I was seeking answers to some of life's deeper questions. I am happy to report that when looking deeper I discovered that I am very shallow, much like the Platte River in Nebraska. So back to my shallow ways and blogs. I thought I would share this lovely picture of Addie and Jazz helping PaPa do the dishes. It is so rewarding to see the next generation start down the path of not using those wasteful automatic dishwashing machines... Hands On is always better!