Sunday, June 12, 2011

Erinn and Justin - The Wedding

Erinn Beckman (daughter of my first grade teacher Gary and daughter of Jennifer's assistant, Phyllis) was married to Justin Metcalf on Saturday. It was a beautiful service and they are a dear dear couple. God's richest blessing on each of them and their marriage.
We (Jennifer and I) got to take them to the park for photos. Took this one while the real photographer was working with them...
During the wedding service Justin surprised Erinn with a special song. This is one talented family as the brothers took up instruments and played along.
All three Beckman girls were in the wedding, Erinn in white, Jamie who lives in New York (fourth from the left) and Robyn, who lives and works in Springfield, (on the far right). Lots of lovely ladies in and at this wedding... You should have seen Jennifer...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Art For Haiti

Tonight we were invited to join the art elite of Springfield at an "Art for Haiti" show. Dear friend Penny GC was selling a couple of pieces. We so enjoyed talking with Pen and Ken and Penny's parents who are up from San Antonio... Pen is standing by her painting and Paul and Jennifer are pictured by their personal favorites of the show. Art is such a freeing experience.