Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mowing in the Snow

Although you can't really see the snow flakes and sleet in this photo, trust me, they were there. After a gorgeous weather in Texas last weekend, this was a little hard to take. As you can see, Paul required a wooly hat, fleece gloves and a warm coat to do the mowing this weekend. It has been dreary and gray with intermitant snow, sleet and rain most of the weekend. Additionally, we've had a brisk breeze creating an uncomfortable wind chill, making it a good time to stay inside and drink hot tea. We're only hoping and praying the predicted freeze does not come tonight damaging all the trees and bushes that are currently flowering.

Sawyer Solving the World's Problems

Here's one of our new favorite photos of Sawyer. As you can, he seems pretty much at ease about the world in general, confident that the adults in his life will handle things so he can concentrate on the truly important things. What a life!

Did we mention that he appears to be a really good baby?

Relaxing in Austin

Austin is a city of great diversity and culture, which is also evident in its choice of restuarants. Here we are at Chuey's, a great Tex-Mex mix. Although Chuey's is very busy, the wait is made easier by margueritas on the patio. Here Gretchen Hays, Miriam and I relax and wait in the beautiful Austin weather.

SawNat's Baptism

On Sunday, April 6, the newest member of the Baker clan, Sawyer Nathaniel, was baptized at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. He is wearing the same baptismal outfit his father wore a little over 30 years ago. His sponsors are Jerry and Gretchen Hays, shown here with their son, Noah. It was a wonderful day. Sawyer smiled so much during the blessing his daddy was speaking over him that Andrew almost broke up with laughter.

The baptism was followed by a wonderful brunch in Andrew and Sarah's backyard. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, making it especially nice for all the family and friends who attended. Miriam was able to join us for the 10 hour trip to Austin while Alex bravely kept the girls for 3 days on his own.