Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day Fun - Thursday

Papa found sleds at K-mart and Alex hurried home from work and all had a great time on the hills. In the photo above we were practicing in the house waiting for Alex to get home ...
It was so much fun ... Jasmine allowed us to ride with her on the sled ...
Addison, on the other hand, was a solo sleder. Stella watched a lot and seemed to enjoy going down the hill in a gentle manner. She got some red cheeks while on the slopes. We had to keep a close eye on her so someone didn't grab her and take her home because she is so cute. (That's a grandfather talking there.)

Alex had his "Wellies" on and nearly froze his feet off - he needed more socks. The sledding hill is behind our house and across the creek. Or as the song says, "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house ..." Sorry this is late... We just got connected to the internet again after being out for the better part of two weeks with our dear friends at "Media Con." It is all looking good for the moment, so I thought I better take this opportunity to post.

Lunch With Friends in Branson

We were able to visit with our friends, the Kolbs, at Chester's in Branson. Great food and the world's best bread pudding ... Barry and Nancy are enjoying a week of rest and relaxation at Big Cedar. Nancy is working puzzles and Barry has attended basketball games at College of the Ozarks. We worked together in Belvidere, IL in the early eighties. Barry and Nancy live and work in Texarkana, Texas. It was such fun to see them.