Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Children's Friends

When our children were in high school they made new friends who we enjoyed having in our home. When they were in college we looked forward to roommates and others who followed them to our place for a visit. Now that they're adults with families of their own, we continue to enjoy the fun and interesting people they bring to our home. This summer we enjoyed hosting Michael and Stephanie, native Texans, when they joined Andrew and Sarah for a road trip to Missouri. More recently, Alex's friends (Gareth, Chantel and Gabriella Bickell) from Zimbabwe/ South Africa (currently living and working in St. Louis) joined us for Christmas.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Party Finery

Paul and Jennifer stepping out at the Forest Christmas Party.

New Hats from Long Meetings

In my present job I have to attend a lot of meetings. As you might imagine, not all meetings are exciting, so I devised a way to calm my nerves and remain attentive during long, stressful meetings. I knit! The beneficiaries of my recent attempts were members of Miriam's family. Here you see Addison in pink, Jasmine in purple and white, Alex in green and Miriam in rose. This turned out to be such fun that I'm already planning for next year and meetings are looking more appealing than ever.

Hiking in the Ozarks

Jennifer was bitten by the hiking bug in 2006 when she went with an all women's hiking group to a weeklong hike to waterfalls in North Carolina in October. Since then she's has continually badgered Paul to join her in occasional expiditions. Here you see him with her at Busiek State Forest just south of Springfield on a drizzly day in late December. Notice his new hiking sticks. He admitted they were helpful in steep, slippery places.

Jennifer Models Afghan

This is the afghan I knit for Andrew and Sarah for Christmas! It was actually delivered at Thanksgiving when we visited them in Austin, TX. I finished it while there and decided to see if it met the standards needed for napping. It did!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby Boomer Blogging

Our daughter has insisted that we have a blog. She has a wonderful blog and sees it as a must for keeping everyone in her circle of friends updated. Our son, on the otherhand, fears that we will become like those bloggers--of which there are apparently many--that have one post on their site and never go further. So, as you can see, the jury is out but we love a challenge. We won't be equal to Miriam, but we may surpass other hip people our age. We're wondering, do any of our friends even have a blog? We'll see.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bakers in Springfield are Blogging!

Okay, so they haven't blogged yet (this is Miriam) but they are all set-up to blog once I get them over their fear of new technology! Here's the Christmas photo they took with the girls.