Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Birthday Gang

Happy Birthday - June 28th - Ange (Alex's sweet mother), Alex and Miriam. What are the chances that a mother and son share the same birthday? I guess it happens. I can't say I know of any other examples of this. Now add to this boy meets girl in cowboy bar and begin talking and find out they share the same birthday. Time goes by and boy and girl get married. So there you have it - the birthday gang all celebrating their birthdays today. My baby, Miriam turned 30 - the other you will have to figure out... They total up to 119 years of combined life. Is that a prime number? Sweet Stella is also in the picture but her birthday is June 17 - Missed the magic by 11 days.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cooling Off in the Ozarks

Papa wanted to spell the parents after naps. The twins came over and we played pool. Mostly they wanted to spray water on me so I showed them by jumping in. We had great fun splashing and carrying on...
Don't mess with Papa when he has the bigger container. Nana got home and joined us also. Due to modesty requirements we are not able to blog those photos... We finish off the fun with a great meal on the lower patio...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Badminton at Baker

Dear friend, Sue Heinz, came all the way from New Douglas to celebrate Father's day at the Bakers. Jennifer has been waiting for some steller competation on the badminton court. The night was still and calm (hot also) while the two battled on. You should have been here...
I think Jennifer had home lawn advantage and took the set. Sue has vowed revenge. Sue told us it had been decades since her last match. Some skills you never lose. Some maybe have never had??? Great fun was had by all....
Please excure the blurred action. Even at the fastest camera speed these two sprinted around the yard at such a fevered pitch I was not able to get a clear photo. Must borrow some better equipment for this fast action duo.

Fun Saturday Afternoon and Evening

Hot weather and humid temperatures could not dampen the spirits of Addie and Jasmine for jumping in the inflatibles at the Redeemer-Nixa campus on Saturday. Nanna and Pappa decided that their tired parents needed a break and took the girls on an outing.

Just when Nanna figured that she had all she could stand, the girls agreed to drink a glass of lemonade in the shade for a few moments.

Saturday evening Paul and Jennifer enjoyed a fun evening with Bill and Laura Robison, the loving owners of five beautiful cats. Here is Laura with Oliver who is quite a lover. (Our apologies to the Robisons and their cats if we got the name wrong.)

Bill is really a lot more fun than this photo suggests. He's also pretty good at the grill and any number of other hobbies and interests, including his love for and knowledge of cats, birds and snakes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stella Decides To Come Home

Just 50 hours after entering this world, Stella decided today would be the day to meet the rest of the family. So just after noon Miriam and Alex and baby Stella headed for home. Stella Eden has been spending lots of time getting her hair just right for the meeting of the twins.
Addie and Jazz were very happy to see mommy and daddy home and not too sure about the new little bundle. Nanna and Papa brought some baby things for Addison and Jasmine so they could be just like their mother.

It was such fun to give the new babies rides in their strollers and to put their new babies down for naps and cover them up.
It is hard work being a new mother....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome To This World - Stella

Stella joined us about 8 am today. She was not really too excited to make her outing. She is a beautiful little girl and so sweet when sleeping.
Jennifer, the proud grandmother, was eager to hold this new little bundle. Paul will wait until she is about 10 months old before holding her. He fears dropping the little treasure...
I suggested we call her Stella Hairy Green but was out voted. She was downloaded at seven pounds and 9 ounces... We thank God for her and her safe arrival. Mom and Dad are doing fine.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Picnic Before Stella Arrives on Wednesday

Jasmine and Addison are modeling their new "swim costume," as they would say in Zimbabwe. They are enjoying the new pool at Pappa and Nanna's house.
Clare, Addison and Jasmine found they could all three sit on Pappa's gate due to their small size.

Alex's mom, Ange, arrived on Saturday from Zim and will be staying for a month to help Miriam and Alex when the new baby comes.

Justin, Tina and Miriam relax on the warm Sunday afternoon.

And here's the entire group enjoying a picnic on the patio. It only took seven adults to manage three two-year-olds and one five-year old. The children were very well behaved. Tina made a wicked mousse for dessert.

Jennifer Teaching Adult Bible Class at Redeemer

I am so proud of my wife, Jennifer. Every week she prepares a lesson and teaches 15-25 adults at Redeemer. Her current study follows Phillip Yancey's book - The Jesus I Never Knew. It uses movie clips to explore some very interesting topics. Jennifer will soon be off for the summer and no doubt will return in the fall for more teaching of Bible classes

Friday, June 12, 2009

MFT Party

Jennifer and I were able to attend the Forest MFT (marriage and family therapy) end-of year party. We had great fun and learned many interesting things about these soon to be therapists. Next to Jennifer is Grace - She got the quiet award. Darn I was hoping for that one.
Here are the Browns and Robisons. Left to right is Laura (lots of fun), Bill (loves snakes) Kristina (never met a party she didn't like) and Tucker (world's best and tallest special education teacher). We ate and enjoyed one another's presence.

This is Megan. She is the head of something at Forest, but the truly remarkable thing about her is that she loves Las Vegas. She has been numerous times and always wants to go back. Makes me wonder what part of Lost Vegas she most enjoys. Did you know 4000 new people move to the Las Vegas area each month?

Charlie Brown Plants

This little rose was given to one of my teachers in May of 2007. She tried to keep it going by setting the pot in the courtyard at church. March of 2008 I saved it and took it home. It only had two sets of leaves for the entire summer. This spring I repotted it and decided it would either do better of get pitched. Must have heard me for now it is growing great and getting ready to bloom.
This lovely was a gift to Jennifer by her former secretary, Julie. I worked to get it through the winter and it was all but dead this spring. More repotting and it is now responding. Thanks Julie. Perhaps you will get to visit this year and see your gift blooming.

Jennifer is trying herbs in pots. We are so natural.

Andrew and Sarah - God Parents

What a joy to see Nate baptized into God's family last Sunday. Andrew and Sarah were asked to serve as co-sponsors for little Nate. Daddy, Jerry performed the baptism and preached a great sermon for this service. Saw some old friends and were blessed by the time spent in St Louis.
Sawyer is getting a good look at little Nate. Gretchen's brother, Scott, was also a sponsor. He is on the far right in this picture.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looking Back and Having Fun

Just 30 some years ago we all looked like these fine people. The special t-shirts were all the rage.
Now we have aged a little but hidden there is that same old spark that made us so special..

Any one recognize the Baldingers and the Kamms? College friends from the 70's.

Grandson Sawyer Reminds Me of Son Andrew

Above is Sawyer, my grandson and below is his father at about the same age. Can you tell they are related?
Andrew Minor was always sure he wanted to go to Concordia - St Paul Minnesota. He got this sweatshirt and wore it for many months...

Andrew was often a messy eater. Sawyer is much less messy and doesn't wear a bib due to his careful habits while eating.

Took Sawyer to the same spot on Saturday. I'm not sure this is the same giraffe of not? Seems very similiar in the spot layout???

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baptism Party - Nate Hays

This weekend Nate Hays will be baptized into the Lord's family. His adoptive parents, Jerry and Gretchen Hays, will also be celebrating Jerry's ordination as a Lutheran pastor. Jerry and Gretchen are good friends with our kids, Andrew Minor and Sarah. Over time, we have become friends with them as well. Here is Jennifer holding Nate.
Here is daddy Jerry with baby Nate. He now weighs nearly 15 pounds and is growing like a weed.

Saw my old friend Cheryl and husband Monte Haun. Pastor Monte is on staff at Concordia Kirkwood where Jerry will be pastoring. Cheryl and I have been good friends for many moons.

We also met Elizabeth's friend - Andy (Elizabeth is our daughter-in-law, Sarah's, younger sister).
Elizabeth is studying architecture at Wash U. Sarah's family are all in town to celebrate with the Hays family. Jerry was Sarah's youth director for many years in the Twin Cities.

Botanical Gardens and Mr. Shaw

While in St Louis we visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens begun by Mr. Shaw. He really started something that has gone on for 150 years. What a wonderful place! Son, Andrew Minor, walked the grounds and enjoyed the plants with us. They also had some of that Chihuley art work. You know the glass guy.
Mom and boy enjoy a quiet moment in the shade.

Needed to get Jenny a drink to boost her energy. The zoo and the botanical gardens all in one day were exhausting. She was skipping after her diet Coke.

St Louis Zoo with Sawyer

Our grandson, Sawyer, took us to the St. Louis Zoo on Saturday and the weather was perfect. We talked to the peacock and saw lots of interesting things.

The Primate House was terrific with lots of moving monkeys and lemurs. Sawyer pointed out many of the differences of each type.

The whole gang, Andrew Minor, Sarah, Sawyer and Nanna (plus grampa) walked and walked and looked and looked.

By 11:00 a.m. some of us were getting all poohed out and looked to catch a few winks.