Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flower Beds and Gardening

Jennifer the "Queen" of the garden is getting ready to sift dirt to remove rocks and weeks. You see the small patch of ground we are working- Maybe 10 feet by 3 feet. We took two wheelbarrow loads full of rocks to the back of our lot...
Here worker Paul takes a stance behind the screen showing proper form and grip...

Paul gave up vegatable gardening when he moved to Springfield eleven years ago. Recently, he got the bug again and now has two raised beds. Here you see this year's tomato crop coming along nicely.

Kale, a gift from the gods from the nutritionist perspective, seems to like the raised bed arrangement. We are busy finding recipes for this new addition to our diet...

Andrew is growing tomatoes in Texas also... Here are my first ones. Wonder if he will post a picture on his blog... I bet not - probably can't compete...

The asparagus tended to fall over during the growing season and make mowing hard. Paul built this holder to keep it upright. We had many tasty meals from the bed this year. I am hoping to do a better job of blogging this summer. We have some many fun things to share. Must take the time to get them posted. Just 17 days till Stella arrives...Can hardly wait...

Playground Fun

Jennifer and I had the pleasure 0f watching the girls last night while A&M celebrated their birthday coming up on June 28. We walked over to the school's playground and did some swinging and climbing.

Jasmine got tickled looking through the tunnel openings leading to this picture.

Both girls like swinging their legs out and being wild and wreckless on the equipment... Shortly after we troddling home, got in our jammies, and Nana read us a story and off to bed we went. That would be the girls went off to bed. Poppa had to stay up and be helpful.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Fine Wedding Weekend

Here we have beautiful bride, Phillis, and her mother-in-law, Kerry Parker. Kerry, mother of the groom Matt, hails from the southeast corner of Missouri. We regret not being able to post a photo of the handsome groom, Matt Parker. Unfortunately, we just didn't have a good photo.

What a delight to see three of Jennifer's aunts at the wedding. Here you see, from left to right, Aunt Margye, Jennifer Aunt Dottye, and Aunt Erma Jean. As you can see, beauty runs in the family.

Here we have Emily, younger sister of the bride, and her boyfriend Peter.

Here was have nephew, Jesse, and his girlfriend, Lisa.

And here is Tom Pattison, older brother of the bride, and girlfriend, Clare.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remembering Back

Saw this picture and thought I would share it with all my friends. It is my dear bride and I some 36 years ago. Isn't she lovely...