Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Of My Favorite People

Ran across this picture over the weekend. It includes some of my favorite people. Can you quess who they are? Little A, Albert and Meme. Year must be about 1979 or so... Love that yellow, white and red shirt... A little walk down memory lane...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Out and About in Springfield

Another fun day in the Ozarks. After church and a great lunch of eggplant, J and I headed to the Festival at the Japanese Gardens. We walked and looked at many interesting items. Above is Jennifer lingering by the pond.

Paul sat for a moment to rest his tired body. These gardens are designed to provide rest to the weary souls... I found mine.

Wickman's also was having a special day. We drove over so I could get my free popcorn... It was delicious and worth every penny of the free price.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dawn's House Warming

Ended the day by attending a house warming for Dawn and Ellie. They recently moved into their new house in Rogersville. Met lots of fun people. Talked to a couple of sweet young ladies who are open to a dating relationship. Give me a call and I will work my magic. Happy new house Dawn and Ellie. Like what you have done to the place...

Beautiful Day for a Ride

It was the most beautiful day on Saturday. To celebrate God's goodness the Bakers decided to take a bike ride on the South Creek Trail that runs just behind our house. Jennifer looked great in her Glacier t-shirt. Wish she would have smiled for the photo. She is really a babe on a bike...
We rode to Close Memorial Park and Jennifer took this picture of Paul. He is just a biking machine. Nice legs huh? We were surprised to see car after car enter the park. It was the Japanese Fall Festival at the Japanese Garden. Lots of people.
The gardens are beautiful, just like the picture above. We are waiting for the opening of the new Botanical Garden building. It will happen sometime in October. Pictures will be forthcoming.
On our bike ride, we also met C. Major Close. He was hoeing some weeds in a new planting area. He is connected to the money given to purchase and start Close Memorial Park. We enjoyed talking with Major and told him we had a Minor in our family. He really liked Jennifer. He has been married for 53 years and didn't get married until he was 27. Do the math.

Volleyball Fun

Got to attend a high school volleyball game featuring former students. What a great joy to watch these young people continue to grow in their character and skills as time goes on. The Mostrom girls, Gabi and Danielle, played for Parkview and Oliva Brand played for Glendale. I saw some old friends, Joe and Joy, who were watching their daughter, Kate compete and the Carters who were also in attendance. Glendale ended up winning the match. Both sides played well...