Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Legend of Uncle Finn - Part Two

Many of you have sent questions about my new grandson, Finn, and his name sake, Uncle Finn. I have rummaged around in some old storage boxes and found some additional information and pictures of dear Uncle Finn. As I told you before, much of Uncle Finn's life has been lost to history due to his reckless nature. He was a wild guy and not well connected with our family. Had he not been my mother's half brother (see previous posts for more genealogical information), we would have never spoke of him.

Uncle Finn was drawn to open water, open bottles and the wild life. He was truly a man who knew "No Limits." I have posted above some of the pictures I found in the bottom of the Baker/Bower storage box - Please be aware that Uncle Finn was named Finn - The Wild Man- Bower. He is seen dining in his normal formal attire. He loved swimming and the open water. The picture in the upper right was recovered from his camera found after his disappearance attempting to cross Lake Superior in a blizzard. He must have used a early form of a delayed camera timer. The bottom picture was taken with some "up north" natives as Uncle Finn did what he did best - always finding a way to connect with people.

Two Sweet Ones Enter God's Family

On Sunday, December 27, Finn Michael and Jack Andrew were baptized at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin, TX. Sponsors in the photo above are as follows: Elizabeth and Andrew Wehr (Sarah's sister and brother holding Finn), parents Sarah and Andrew Minor holding big brother Sawyer, Pastor Kevin and sponsors Miriam and Alex Green (sister and brother-in-law of Andrew) holding Jack.

Baker Twins and Christmas Visit

Want to see some really cute babies? Here are Finn and Jack with their daddy in all thier glory. These wonderful boys are daily growing and charming their parents, brother and all visitors. I heard that all family helpers and visitors have gone home. The happy family of five now begins the task of creating a workable routine. Blessings to Minor, Sarah, Sawyer, Jack and Finn as they become a family. Minor is teaching them the fine art of working the tv remote.

Here the boys swinging together and taking a little nap. Can't wait for them to get to the throw-a-ball age or push-me-in-the-swing time. We are so blessed...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Texarkana Christmas

Jennifer and I planned to travel to Austin beginning on Christmas Day. A huge storm was brewing in the panhandle of Texas and that almost always means bad things for Oklahoma and Springfield. Jennifer pushed to leave on Christmas Eve and thus we headed south to see our friends the Kolbs in Texarkana, TX. Barry is pastor of First Lutheran and Nancy is the best hostess. We made the trip in rain and arrived safe and sound on Christmas Eve. Nancy asked if we wanted to join the choir with our fine voices. We did and had a great time. There were two notable things besides a great worship and visit with friends. We sang in the choir with Sunni Cranfill, Ms. Texas 2003, who currently is working as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (she is the younger blond pictured upper left). Secondly the stairs to the choir loft are pictured above. Must go one at a time. Needless to say, it was a great adventure.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Off Broadway - Babes In Toyland

Jennifer and I were invited to an off Broadway musical celebrating the Christmas Season. We attended and were overwhelmed by the acting performaces turned in by two of the production's stars. Their ability to sing, dance, do actions and overall charm the audience was to the nines. The bottom left picture shows some of the attendees stunned silence.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Uncle Finn - Legend and Myth Rowed into One

I have struggled with sharing stories from my past. Some memories can be painful. One hates to dredge up the past and then feel overwhelmed by the results. But in an effort to connect with my soft side I forge on...
My mother had three brothers. The family only talks about two of these-- Uncle Robert who died in a training flight off Flordia in the Bermuda triangle and my dear Uncle Minor who lives north of Detroit. The one not mentioned is Uncle Finn. He was older than all the others. I think he was born of my grandmother's wilder years. Finn preferred to live apart from his family, often in the woods. He was an aquatic mountain man type.
We would see Uncle Finn on occasion. He always had a wild beard and loved to sail the high seas of the Great Lakes--Michigan land for you southern readers. He was wild and reckless, barely housebroken. His memory has returned to me because of my son, Andrew Minor, and his lovely wife, Sarah, have given birth to twin boys and reached into our past by naming one of the boys Finn. He is already the wild one with scratches on his face and a great love of water--bath time.
Let's end here for the moment and call it Chapter One of the epic story of Uncle Finn and the High Seas...

Visited by Friends Passing Through

What fun it was to see Julie and Eric Travis at Bambu on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They were passing through Springfield enroute to Detroit. It was good to reconnect, if even for a short time and learn that they are doing well in their new home. Jennifer, however, is going to miss Julie's cookies this Christmas as Julie is truly gifted at baking cookies.

Christmas Party- Jennifer's Family on her Mother's Side

Jennifer and I were able to attend a Christmas party with relatives from Jennifer's mother's side of the family. The party was hosted by Aunt Eva and Uncle Bill in Salem. They are the perfect host and hostess. We ate and talked and laughed and laughed some more.

On the upper left we see Maureen and son Monroe. To her right is Aunt Louise who was disappointed to learn that Paul does not really have an Uncle Finn who died in Lake Superior. Below left are Paul and Alan, Jennifer's cousin. Alan is always good for a fun time and some great gift ideas. On the lower right is Elaine, wife of Jennifer's uncle. We learned a thing or two about hair sheep from Elaine and Alan. Who knew? We thought all sheep had wool, but they don't.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visited by Carolers - What Fun!

It was a starless night with the temperature dropping and a slight mist in the air. And what to my wandering ears should I hear but 12 wonderful girls singing Christmas carols at my front door. Here are some pictures I took of the ragmuffins as they sang. Many of them were in the second grade and many attended the Lutheran School in town. Thanks to one and all. I was out of figgy pudding.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Night with the Girls and Their Parents

These two sweetie pies visited and sang their Christmas program songs. We will soon get to hear them present the Christmas story at their Thursday morning program.

This is one wild pair. Stella and Miriam having fun. Stella is the best baby ever. Note the wild hair. That would be on Stella; Miriam is more able to control her hair...

Stella just laughs, shrieks and giggles. She is almost always happy and eager to interact.

Here are the tired parents catching a few moments on the couch. It is so much fun to have them visit. After a couple of hours I am exhausted and must send them home. Grandparenting is such hard work...